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Atelier Tekuto

Tokyo, Japan
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"The material speaks... I listen. The material wishes to play the protagonist in its being; the Architecture; its structure. Can't materials such as paper, sand, and plastic be utilized simply more than surface materials? As its main structure? I open my ears to these voices, to hear what is that they have to say."

Atelier Tekuto explore the use of materials with their structures. They strive to discover the capabilities that comprise the "main stage" of the play that is architecture by discovering characteristics and new combinations that went unnoticed, including the development of new materials. They promote those materials to a lead role in a building by allowing them to serve as structural elements. A material used only as a finishing material in the past might in fact be disappointed at this limited utilization, desiring instead to serve as part of the building's frame. Since 2003, various teams have been formed to develop structures and techniques for giving shape to those voices.

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Tokyo, Japan
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aleeshacallahan, December 17th, 2012
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