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Athenaeum: Architecture for Architecture

Jaipur, India
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There are as many ideas as there are organism. The parallel strategy of surviving with the unparalleled ways of practicality highlights the distinct features of sustaining life for more than three billion years ago. To provide meaningful architecture is not to parody history but to articulate it. Architecture may define the eloquence of thoughts, freedom of form but the inquisitions that takes a twirl would be, is architecture itself democratic? Hasn't the different genres of building has restrained the ground for comparison and hence the limited conglomeration has to be adjusted in the spaces and thus restricting the very verb. The question is why not we have architecture for architecture, architecture of architecture and architecture by architecture. This inquisition possibly be only if we invent for the future only by rediscovering the past.

Athenaeum a congregational entity where the multiplication of knowledge takes place with different medias be it the palpable or impalpable like the papyrus books or the visual interaction similar to that of what we have in a museum. This institution will not only cater the architectural aspect but literary and scientific development of a pupil as well for the prosperity and promotion of the user. Withal to that it lodges the students who seek to regularize their knowledge for the fruitful culmination. The very need of the social hub for architecture by architects would be fulfilled within the premises where the attainment of architecture would be dispatched through architects.

It's not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent but one of the most responsive to change. Wouldn't it be wrong to say that life imitates art way better than art imitates life. So keeping the strategies of the apparent immortal nature the inspiration to the project has been taken from the nature and by the nature and of the nature. We don't realize that even things in the mundane chores one or the other things that we utilize or observe are inspired from nature. The airbus couldn't have been invented if the birds would be trampling on earth, the swimmers wouldn't have been able to penetrate with such swiftness if the costumes were not to being replicated of the shark skin.

So time and now the case studies of the existing will pave the way for the what is to exist. The queer evolution of the desert plant known as Cactus had certainly been able to survive the harsh and dry environment of desert and to screen its strategies would be inevitable while proposing something in that climate. With the meager resources yet cactus had been responsive to the brutal climate from hot dry to dry cold by having he fibred microscopic structures that retain water and food. Indispensably, the analysis of its sustainment of cactus would unfold the measures to be taken while proposing the built structures in Rajasthan. While the outer shell of the building that appears random at the first glimpse is the enlarged digitization of the microscopic structure of the cactus due to which its been able to adapt assertively in the desert conditions and thus vehemently the western facade bears the not so soothing sun glares the denser opaqueness and minimum transparency that does not heat up the building.

Scientifically the calculation of azimuth and altitude of Jaipur (the capital city of Rajasthan and the location of the proposed site) the punctures are taken into considerations. The projections and the indentations of the shell of the building facing different directions consist of the dense, denser and densest webbed elevations that prevent basking of the structure. The opulence of the building can also be taken from the bumps that are there in the structure of cactus as to accommodate the large atrium space with no vertical members the arc has to be introduced for the stability of the canopy and not only it strengthens but also gives the swaying motion to the end user with fluid non edgy spaces. Life does not use detergent to clean itself .The enchanting lotus or the robust cactus etc. have inbuilt cleaners that abandons those into tidy and suave objects. The a very droplet that fall on the petal rolls down the dirt and culminates into bigger and caries out photosynthesis. Same way the materials that are the derivatives of the titanium sheets with the self-cleaning properties that is required in the windy city like Jaipur.

All these decisions have been an enact ion of how life works. To mimic the lifestyle of anything living in the biome is Bio mimicry. The very beak of birds gave way to the fastest train in the world and the pine trees shape providing the hilly residents way to sustain shelter by pitched roof. So the things around us, the eco system consists of the nature beams the way to solve every problem in the vicinity only when the problem is clarified and the opponent is vigilant enough to be inspired. Something that can just go with the wind would be out of the context in the place like Rajasthan. The king of flora of Rajasthan that's cactus became the part and parcel for the design aspect of the proposal. Mimicking its characteristics would be contextual and yet apt. A great building must begin with measurable means when it's designed and in the end must be immeasurable. Pragmatically the language that the building speaks would be much similar to the building that flaunt post modernism. The patterns usage of the building, the very concept of the amalgamation of the different genres of people and to provide them immeasurable ways to be educated and prosperity. Architecture is the language sense is not about boxes that hold people , containers, where people live, it goes way beyond it. Language here would be the digitization and the adaptation of Biomimicry throughout. With the aim to create an architectural podium in Jaipur, the building in itself should be able to showcase the architecture genre and the theories related to it. The concept of athenaeum being derivations from nature and then mimicking them in such a way that the building as a whole would say "architecture".

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piyushprajapati, February 1st, 2018
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