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The lake pavilion ‘Seepavillon H1’ is situated on the south shore of Lake Wörthersee in Carinthia,

Austria. It is one of four newly erected buildings subordinate to the heritage - listed building ‘Schloss

Refinitz’, a stately home located on a peninsula surrounded by the waters of the lake. When the new

building was planned, particular emphasis was placed on a discreet and cohesive design as well as its

careful blending within the rural surroundings and

equally in maintaining the historical feeling of the

previous epoch.

The Seepavillon H1, as the largest part of the new ensemble, has a rear section of solid but elegant

concrete facing onto the steep ground behind. The facing comprises a heat insulated structure of both

precast and ready mix concrete, the joints of which emphasise the monolithic effect and linearity, as a

clear contrast to the historic substance.´

The three other building fronts along the lakeside reveal the full transparency of the cubic design, and

the use of glass sliding elements completes the perfection of the pavilion with its all-

round view, especially towards the ‘Schloss’ and lake.

In view of design as well as ecological considerations. the vast glass surfaces can be screened by external, adjustable metal sunshades. This means that the whole building can be enclosed inside and outside, and together with the solid concrete core at the rear, rounds off the self-

contained monolithic cube interpreting the modern design requirements of a pavilion.

The two top floors each have a 6 metre high inner room, further divided into two 250 cubic metre

apartments. The rooms are characterized by their clear

cut, completely rectangular shape. Each of the

approx. 100m² living rooms is totally pillar - free, thanks to a two-storey high support beam mounted

on the side facing the lake. The support beam is in turn supported by the enclosed concrete core of the

of the building projecting towards the hill slope. The inner lighting is effected by means of a glass

pyramid comprising square glass panels.

On the ground floor there is a 450m² hall which can be used for all kinds of events as well as a showroom for various types of vehicles. Again, this hall is also completely without pillars and covers an area approx. 30m long x 15m wide. It extends towards the lake and, thanks to its functional design, provides the necessary room for all kinds of presentations and exhibitions. The design is based on the idea of the open-plan living room with unrestricted views.

The materials chosen are solely concrete, glass and metal, with the exception of the wood of the bar

at the rear , which is adjustable and can be completely opened or closed as required.