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77 Living Frames

Zagreb, Croatia
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Researching the basics - the roots of the living and observation of the world in which we spend our everyday life. Our most intimate spaces in which we find shelter, solitude, intimacy. Places of domesticity. One person can find those spaces in their own home, another in a small corner of a library, or a small table by a window in a busy cafe, or in their car stuck in an everyday traffic jam and so on. They can be open or closed. Dark, bright or just illuminated by the setting sun of late afternoon. Crowded or without any sign of human interaction. Spaces of all kinds. Each of them has an atmosphere of its own. And what is more, each of them being differently perceived by each of us.

Architecture as research. It is important not to forget for who we are designing and planning. For people of all kinds of professions, age, gender and so on .... For architects, in the process of designing spaces for others, it is important to see and understand how do different people as individuals, with different professions and interests, perceive a certain topic and space. We allowed ourselves to ask people to share their domesticity, everyday moment of life, inspiration, through an image or a photo.

The images that we got were taken by friends, people we admire, or people we meet for the first time, ... Each of them with its own story, each of them so different, not just because of the space, but more important, because of the viewer, as their personality and her/his decision to take exactly that image. The task for each person was to take just one image, a spontaneous moment of a space in which they feel what they could describe as domesticity. The task was to observe, and while being in that space, to find an opportunity to picture it, and as most important to describe that space. Whatever the person would feel as suitable, it could reach the task. Described with few basic words, a quote, a poem, etc. or without any additional words and explanations, if they felt the picture was speaking enough for itself.

Here we introduce illustrations as collages of 77 spaces that describe and translate feelings or aesthetics, from photographs that people have shared with us, for their own view about domesticity. Using collage compositions makes us able to express architectural concepts, but this time through somebody else's design, thoughts, and photography as an inspiration.

For us it was a task, on how to translate that space and words into an abstract representation of our own imagination. Each frame represents a story. A story about particular space, its inhabitants, their relation to that space, which is in the specific moment enclosing them, and giving them the opportunity to just be. Different frames, old or new, found, borrowed or bought, small or large, round or rectangular. All different, with its own charm and characteristic, exactly as the collages.

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bostjan, August 3rd, 2021
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