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School Building In Deutsch Wagram

Wagram, Austria
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Central and still removed from the heavy traffic of the federal highway one can find the most important public institutions of Deutsch-Wagram lined up along a footpath: city administration, kindergarten, primary and secondary schools. In order to enable school education up to university entrance qualification, the municipal council decided then erection of an upper secondary school with focus on natural sciences and mathematics ("Real gymnasium"). At the same time, the existing secondary school ("Hauptschule") needed to be expanded. A common institution for both types of school promised to yield valuable synergies.

Spatial proximity to the other educational institutions seemed logical, but the available property with park and landscape pond was a valuable area used by kindergarten and elementary school during recess. More over, it was not without problems with regard to structural engineering for a large-volume building task. The ultimate aim was to preserve the pond's accessibility and the recess area for all pupils as much as possible. The spatial programme therefore was divided up in to two separate structures: a long school block and a double sports hall. The school block's latitude lies perpendicular to the footpath and at its projecting heading section forms a generous fore court with a prominent canopied entrance and an adjoining cloakroom and aula. The three- to four-storey structure adapt soothe terrain in its ground plan as well as in its cross-section, floating on a glass strip in the green space. The sports hall is dug in as far as the high ground water level would allow, and thus stays in measure with the kindergarten and elementary school on the opposite side. To underline its discreteness, entrance for external sport usages and to the spectators' gallery is gained via an external stairway in close vicinity to the parking lots in the street "auf der heide". The underground connection to the school block keeps the access to the pond and from the cemetery alley open for the public.

Distribution of functions with synergetic effects due to the combination of two types of secondary school, the wishes and requirements of different clients and users had to be united in one building. This was solved on the one hand by separating the main classrooms and administrative areas ("Hauptschule" onthe 1st floor, "Gymnasium" onthe 2nd floor), and on the other hand by common utilisation of the general areas (natural sciences on the ground floor, classrooms with creative focus on the attractive lower floor on pond level). The shared building makes it possible to use classrooms which are not normally provided in there spectate school type (e.g., handicrafts for upper secondary school, chemistry lab for regular secondary school). A shared library extending over three floors is the heart of the building. Sitting steps are an invitation to read, at the same time offering the possibility to hold smaller lectures and presentations. The area on these cond floor which had to allow for optional extension was realised in the shape of a generous roofter race. Deck platforms and sitting steps provide premium recess pace in the immediate vicinity of the main classrooms and can also be used for open-air classes.

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bostjan, July 23rd, 2014
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