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Ambulance Station Simmering

Vienna, Austria
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The Ambulance Station is located on Kaiser-Eberdorferstrasse and is responsible for the whole 11th district in Vienna. It was designed by Sohne&Partner Architects and officially opened in May 2013.

The complex combines two different functional areas - the garage and the staff rooms. Even though they are different spheres, they are connected by the roof which embraces the whole building.

The building is specially designed to ensure access ways and also response times are kept as short as possible. The distance from every single room in the building to the next emergency exit - which is the main entry - has a maximum length of 40 meters. The ambulance is set in the entry hall and directly connected to the station management.

The restrooms for the team are set on the ground floor, which is directly connected to the green zones surrounding the back of the building. This enables people to go outside and enjoy the fresh air in the garden. It is an additional relaxing space and keeps the temperatures in and around the building on a comfortable level - even on hot summer days.

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  1. Söhne&Partner Architects
sohnepartner, July 8th, 2013
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