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Roter Teppich Zeillern

Zeillern, Austria
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In June 2009, nonconform organized a "vor ort ideenwerkstatt ®" (on site ideas workshop) jointly with the Village Renewal Association and the community of Zeillern under the theme "How do you get Zeillern to 560m2?". The focus was primarily on the creation of a new center of Zeillern, while the connection between the church and the castle should be gentrified.

The people decided for the scenario "Roter Teppich". It connects church, castle and castle island through the metaphor of a red carpet and sees the village square as a path through the treasures of Zeillern in the center. Especially the castle island was perceived as extremely important by the population, although, or perhaps because it is being neglected at the moment. It's future involvement as a place for leisure brings it back into the center of village life.The red carpet is a three-dimensional band which is enhanced with spiritual, cultural and social themes in different density. It offers the people of Zeillern a space to celebrate their festivals and guests like pilgrims and weddings a worthy place for celebration and contemplation.

In the first construction phase in 2011, the place and the bridge over the Zeitl river were implemented made of large, red-colored precast concrete panels with a broom finish surface. To frame the square an information wall with various functions was erected along the entire longitudinal side. In 2012 a second part with a bus stop and new lighting of the parking lot followed

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bostjan, July 23rd, 2014
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