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Light Therapy

Stockholm, Sweden
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Apolonija Sustersic has taken note of the Nordic winter darkness and its physchological effects and has transformed Prastgarden (the Vicarage) just by the entrance to the Museum to a room which visitors are received by the host/hostess has been painted white and equipped with special lighting and benches designed by the artist. The lack of light in the North during winter months is not only felt by visitors from more southerly latitudes, but also by people living in the North. Light therapy has increasingly become a common form of treatment for SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), otherwise known as winter depression. Light therapy may nowadays be found in both hospitals and shopping centres. When Apolonija Sustersic chose to place her light therapy under the auspices of Moderna Museet it also becomes a comment on museum´s activities in general, namely that their ancillary activities - including restaurants and shops - are today at least as important as their collections and exhibitions. Her project comments on the status and function of Moderna Museet´s new building and refers to current discussions about what is needed to provide the best environment for art.

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bostjan, April 18th, 2017
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