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(Rheineck) Ebbinghaus Berlin

Berlin, Germany
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The intervention on this site includes a renovation of a historical landmark building from the 1960s, its conversion and extension. The building designed by Hans Schafers in the early 1960s is located on the commercial and shopping street Schlosstrasse in an attractive neighbourhood of Berlin-Steglitz. The building is sited on the intersection of two streets and is an interpretation in the spirit of the age of a flat-iron building typology.

After more than 40 years of usage the building necessitates a general renovation as well as a re-evaluation in order to fit contemporary standards and requirements of future sustainability. After thorough assessment, an extension, a full renovation and conversion was considered unavoidable. The design continues the commercial space in the neighboring site, thus completing and closing the block. Thus the spaces are optionally enlarged to fit the commercial requirements of the tenants. The options offered were to use the building for a medium-sized brand department store or a possible subdivision and usage by more tenants. The facade on the corner retains luminous advertisement on a glass elevation, in its own character. The elevation of the extension is designed as a double skin facade and the volume is wrapped in a mental mesh, thus partially conceiting the interior yet allowing for the transparency of a department store.

Only through the extension is it possible to retain the historical building and to turn it into an interesting investment object, at the same time enhancing and amplifying its qualities on this special site.

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bostjan, April 16th, 2014
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