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Restaurant “Three Maidens”

Kaunas, Lithuania
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The "Three Maiden" restaurant is built in a picturesque location on the slope of the Nemunas River by two young and ambitious architects Alfredas and Viktorija Jakuciunai. Built in 1967, it was one of the first works of young architects at that time, which earned them recognition, the restaurant became the most prized project of their career. The building became a prominent example of Soviet modernism not only in Kaunas but also throughout Lithuania and the whole SSRS.

The main volume of the building seems to be suspended above the slope and looks out from the terrace of the river valley with its massive windows. In this way, from the side of the street, the one-story building on the slope becomes taller - underneath the main volume of the restaurant, a plinth floor illuminated by natural daylight is formed, as well as a semi-covered terrace with a dance floor and a stage.

The most important principles of the building's composition are the play of rectangular volumes of various surfaces and glass and the harmonious balance of light and shadows. Although the object is built from prefabricated elements, local materials were used for decoration: wood, dolomite, and some traditional crafts - blacksmithing and ceramics (sculptor L. Strioga, ceramicist N. Liatukaite). Soft and warmer tones were used for colouring and creating a welcoming interior. Allowing the architects to create a customized project resulted in very unique and widely praised design.

Unfortunately, the restaurant went bankrupt over time, experienced a couple of fires and became completely abandoned. The discussion of the future of the building is still outgoing as the public has a divided opinion over the restaurant - some find the building as soviet memorabilia and want it demolished, and some, remember the great architecture and nostalgic days of a fancy restaurant and wished to preserve it.


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