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Restaurant Neon

Eforie Nord, Romania
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Postcard image of Neon Restaurant, unknown photographer, 1963

Built in 1958, the Neon Restaurant in the Eforie Nord resort, Romania, was part of an urban scale development plan, meant to bring seaside leisure programmes to the masses. Serving the few nearby low-rise hotels, the Neon Restaurant designed by architects C. Lazarescu and A. Solari-Grimberg has a large indoors dining hall, ample terraces and wide stair flights emphasising the public importance of the building. The shell concrete roof stands out as a distinctive feature of the restaurant and the attention to detail is visible in the bespoke design of the balustrades and floor tiling. While many restaurants were units designed following the same blueprint, especially in the later stage of the Romanian seaside development, the Neon Restaurant stands out as a unique intervention and demonstrates a thoroughly thought-through scheme. Unfortunately, the building is currently deserted and slowly decaying. But even so, its remarks features are still visible.

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mirunadunu, July 27th, 2018
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