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Aurora Resort Hotels

Cap Aurora, Romania
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Completed in 1973, Aurora is the newest resort of the Romanian socialist leisure development to be built. With an original capacity of 2,700 bed-places, it is amongst the smallest resorts, but it easily stands out due to its distinctive architecture.

Designed by architect Dinu Gheorghiu, Aurora consists of ten hotels grouped in three buildings with pyramidal aspect. The organic layout creates angulations filled with vegetation and amenities such as open-air swimming pools and terraces. The rhythmicity of the facades is achieved through the use of prefabricated panels. One of the most modern projects of the Romanian Coast at the time, the hotels bear the name of (semi-)precious stones like "Diamant" (Diamond) or "Onix", to assert their luxury.

The resort's sense of unity is currently lost due to privatisations that allowed purchasing a single hotel instead of the whole unit, leading to a fragmented aspect of the buildings in Aurora.

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mirunadunu, March 23rd, 2019
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