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Amfiteatru-Belvedere-Panoramic Ensemble

Olimp Resort, Romania
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As part of the second stage of the post-war seaside leisure development in Romania, a series of resorts were erected form scratch on the far south Black Sea coast, close to the Bulgarian border. Although many of the hotels in these resorts were standardised tower-blocks, a few buildings stand out for their unique architecture and tailored response to the site conditions. Such is the case of the Amfiteatru-Belvedere-Panoramic ensemble, a group of 3 hotels erected between 1971 to 1972 in Olimp Resort.

Designed under lead architect Aron Solari-Grimberg in 1970, the ensemble sits within the natural slope of the waterfront emphasising the dramatic seaside landscape, hence the reference to an "amphitheatre". Comprising of 3 volumes, the ensemble is created around ample public spaces and terraces that favour a rather picturesque view. The centrally disposed double-tract Hotel Amfiteatru is the largest of the group, offering 680 bed-places on six storeys. The other 2 hotels, having 425 and 437 bed-places respectively in rooms facing the waterfront, have 3 levels above the main access floor and 4 below, carved into the rock. The main access level hosts numerous shops, cafeterias and bars, as well as ample staircases leading to the open-air swimming pools and beach area. The landscape design was a key ingredient of this development. The attention to detail is visible not only in this respect, but also in the bespoke furniture and lighting design, exquisite finishes and decorative artworks and sculptures.

The ensemble was privatised and in the absence of any refurbishment work, the buildings decayed and are currently closed down.

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mirunadunu, March 23rd, 2019
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