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Ada Felice-Rosic

Rijeka, Croatia
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Ada Felice-Rosic at the building site of "Korzo" department store, in 1968

Ada Felice-Rosic enrolled in the Architectural Department of the Technical Faculty in Zagreb in 1942, after the World War 2 has started, but soon paused her studies to join the resistance and help provide logistical and material support for partisan forces in the wider area of her hometown.

She completed her Zagreb studies after the war and obtained a degree in architecture in 1949. At the time, after successfully completing their training in the capital, young educated professionals were often dispatched to cities where their expertise was most needed. In the case of Ada Felice-Rosic that was her hometown, Rijeka, where she started working at the Institute for construction and design. The city was struggling to recover from the war damage, and Ada Felice-Rosic - along with Nada Silovic and other colleagues - played an important role in this recovery. During the 1950s, architects of the Bureau designed numerous residential buildings of great quality in prominent locations, with respect to the city's rich and layered heritage.

Ada Felice-Rosic transferred to the local construction company "Primorje" in 1958, where she got professional recognition and a position of the Director of the Project Bureau, which she held for many years. Upon her departure from "Primorje" in 1975, she became a construction inspector, before retiring in the late 1970s. She died in Rijeka in 2013.

The work of Ada Felice-Rosic is vast and varied; among especially important pieces are the Commercial and Textile School building - the only object designed for secondary education built in Rijeka after the World War 2, and the department store "Korzo", which was the first modern shopping mall opened in the 1970s. Her Kozala residential towers shaped the silhouette of the city, and for thousands of visitors are still the first visual experience of Rijeka.

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Rijeka, Croatia
sonjadragovic, April 19th, 2019
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