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Atelier 5

Bern, Switzerland
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Pierluigi Lanini, Kurt Blum, Daniel Wittwer, Fritz Thormann, Denis Roy, Rolf Hesterberg, Christian Fluckiger, Peter Breil

Atelier 5 was founded in May 1955 by five young architects in Berne. In the first few years, the interrelations between form and function were closely linked to Le Corbusier's theories and his formative language. This led to a prototypical building untouched by modest flows, to buildings that have written a piece of architectural history. Over the decades, the employment which was originally committed to housing construction extended to a wide range of tasks.

The office, which is now run by five partners in the fourth and fifth generations, feels closely linked to these roots. The work, the development of all work in dialogue and in close cooperation with the builder and the specialist planners has always been further developed. The philosophy is based on their own thinking and invention can be supplemented, inflated and changed by the other, that something new or a new quality can emerge in dialogue.

Their projects are always the result of a differentiated approach to the situation and the main functions of an installation. The focus is on man and his individual needs. For this reason, it is addressing the relationship between private interior and community exterior. At the same time, large dimensions are understood as the composition of parts of the scale. It goes without saying that it is not without its own interpretation and special weighting which, as always, remains the source of all creative activity. The aim is permanent buildings, the use of which is associated with joy for many years and whose qualities can always be rediscovered. We are looking for houses,

Atelier 5 takes place collectively, the individual persons step into the background. In this way, a continuity of our work and our office becomes possible at first.

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Bern, Switzerland
lacuna, June 1st, 2017
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