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PRIOR Department Store and Hotel Kyjev

Bratislava, Slovakia
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Ivan Ivan Matusik took a different approach in designing the Hotel Kyjev and Prior Department Store complex in central Bratislava (completed in 1973) .For him, interior and exterior follow the same principles. The 15-storey hotel slab, strongly reminiscent of Arne Jacobsen's SAS Royal Hotel in Copenhagen, is cladded in precisely cut travertine stone inside and out, both the stone and wood panelling of the corridors have rounded corners blending floor, walls and ceilings together.

Ivan Matusik made every effort to avoid the clumsiness and rigidity of industrial mass production and maintaining a hand-crafted quality of detail throughout. More than a hint of international style pervades the hotel, most strikingly in the exclusive "Kyjev Club" bar on the first floor with its magnificent chandelier and its oval-shaped bar subtly lowered into the ground, with a view of Bratislava's skyline over the rooftop of the department store.

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ziggurat, August 17th, 2012
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