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The Cemetery in Leopoldov

Leopoldov, Slovakia
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In Slovakia, not much attention is paid to cemeteries by architects and designers, except for some examples of historical cemeteries for soldiers killed in world wars. In Leopoldov there was put much attention and care to an average city cemetery for common people. The city needed its existing graveyard to be expanded and asked us to design, which way to lead a cobblestone pavement. A set of recommendations and principles that unify all the future activities was formulated. The most important intervention was the creation of a grave grid - a concrete panel with gaps for graves in the area assigned for expansion. The gaps have been sown with meadow flowers. When the gap is used for a grave, the relatives of the deceased are kindly asked not to cover the grave with a granite plate, but to sow the meadow flowers there instead.

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bostjan, July 19th, 2017
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