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Manchester, United Kingdom
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Building process of the mobile theatre

A travelling theatre group from the Horse & Bamboo Theatre in Manchester required a space that is mobile, to travel with the group.

magma architecture designed a miniature theatre, the mobile tent structure can hold an audience of 35 people and 3 actors. The tent-like structure accommodates their requirements through the flexible design solution.

The resulting form is inspired by a kaleidoscope that rotates around an imaginary axis, with two tensile, skin membranes that overlap. The exterior skin forms a twisted magic box that veils the performing space on the interior. The outer layer is made from a red, porous fabric that limits views to the interior. The interior is constructed with an aluminium laminate that reflects light from the red exterior membrane. The play between the interior and exterior materials aides in creating dramatic lighting for the stage.

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aleeshacallahan, October 31st, 2016
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