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London, United Kingdom
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Chris Wilkinson founded the practice in 1983 in order to explore new directions in architecture, and together with Jim Eyre since 1986, has established it as a leading force in the design world.

Chris Wilkinson

His approach has best been described in the practice monograph 'Bridging Art & Science' where equal emphasis is given to conceptual creative innovation as it is to detailed technical design. He takes a strategic overview of each project from conception to construction, and a special interest in key projects where his wealth of experience and clear design philosophy are invaluable. Chris also pursues academic interests through teaching, lecturing, writing and painting.

Jim Eyre

He has overseen a diverse range of projects, his approach centred on a site-specific response developed from an informed, intuitive standpoint. "Each project must be thought through to establish a rigorous and enduring response. Often this is best achieved where the creative boundaries between disciplines are blurred, crossing the art/science divide." He feels architects are uniquely positioned to take advantage of new digital technologies. "The liberation they offer, coupled with the discipline of more traditional methods, means that new possibilities are constantly opening up."

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London, United Kingdom
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mariathuroczy, October 8th, 2017
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