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Pavilion Nr. 40

Zagreb, Croatia
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One of the most beautiful halls constructed for the fair 1956 in Zagreb is Pavilion Nr. 40 designed by Ivan Vitic and planned and erected in 1956 within a period of only five months. With its cable roof it accords with the same structural principles as the Wuppertal's swimming bath built in 1957.

Today, Zagreb hosts 25 trade fairs a year - with a total of 6,000 exhibitors and 600,000 visitors. In terms of shape, fittings and size, the pavilions do not meet current requirements. The city wants to sell off the complex and is therefore hardly investing in the existing infrastructure at all. In part, trade fairs are held in the new Arena sports hall on the southwestern edge of the city. The city is also contemplating converting the existing trade-fair buildings or even building new ones at a different location. That would be firmly in line with the tradition of the Zagreb trade fair to date. What then happens to the old halls and whether the new trade-fair complex triggers a renewed expansion of the city is anyone's guess.

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ziggurat, February 4th, 2018
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