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The Pavilion of INA

Milano, Italy
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The Pavilion of INA (Istituto Nazionale Assicurazioni) at the Milan Fair was designed by Franco Albini and built in 1935. In this pavilion Albini presents the use of architecture as expression and communication with the public. The building was a study on modularity and compatibility of components, taking into account the lower cost and minimal consumption of materials. Its volume is divided into groups of four modules each. The pavement consists of marble slabs 80 cm wide, with a seal which is used for fixing elements exposure. The pavilion structure is reinforced concrete. The windows are made by metal profiles. Illumination, indirect lighting is achieved by three light bands spanning the room suspended throughout its length.While the exterior of the building is a reflection of the Central European culture, without any particular individuality, the interior is rather personal, interpreting the space with subtle textures and transparencies, with the support of geometry.

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bostjan, September 24th, 2016
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