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Jinhua Architecture Park Exhibition Pavilion

Jinhua, China
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The Jinhuan Architecture Park is made up of a series of 17 pavilions, designed and curated by Ai Weiwei in 2002. The architecture park is situated along the Yiwu River as a dedication to Weiwei's father, the poet Ai Qing. Ai Weiwei invited 16 architects from around the world to each design a pavilion along a 2km stretch of the river.

Ai Qing was born in Jinhuan, a small city situated in the South West of Shanghai. The ancient town has a thriving economy founded on industry, agriculture and tourism.

Bilbao's Exhibition Pavilion

Traditional Chinese gardens are designed with a point of observation, in this process the observer is guided through the design of the space along pathways, tunnels, bridges, corridors or pavilions. In this respect, a Chinese garden cannot be understood completely from a particular point, as isolated sections and must be discovered as a journey through the space. The user must therefore follow paths and wander through tunnels, with an ever unfolding view and landscape until selected places are revealed.

The Exhibition room is a game full of surprises, discovering tunnels, pathways and terraces, the pavilion guides the user though its plaza and into and onto the building all the time. The user will have the opportunity to view any kind of exhibitions, lectures, conference and even reception parties, as its flexible space can be used for any type of public mini event.

Other Pavilions

Some of the other pavilions at the park include designs by Wang Shu, Toshiko Mori, Herzog & de Meuron, Liu JiaKun, Fernando Romero and Michael Maltzan.

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aleeshacallahan, January 31st, 2021
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