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Park Colonnades Buildings

Berlin, Germany
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It is an ensemble of five buildings that connect offices, shops, and apartments in accordance with the Berlin mix. The building complex was designed by Milan architect Giorgio Grassi. The building complex is located in the eastern part of the former Potsdam passenger station. The Tilla-Durieux Park, a turf sculpture with a length of 450 meters, a height of up to four meters and slopes that drop to 35 °, was built in the west of the country.

A special feature of the building ensemble is that the underground line U2 of the Berlin underground - coming from the station Mendelssohn-Bartholdy-Park - enters the underground directly at its southern end. The already existing underground tunnel was built with the building. In addition, within the building complex, a line for the planned S21 line of the Berlin S-Bahn is parallel to the underground tunnel, two tunnel sockets were already built during the construction of the northernmost house in its cellar as an advance.

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thedani, November 4th, 2020
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