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Daimler Chrysler Residential

Berlin, Germany
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The three buildings on Linkstrasse, comprise of two buildings for offices and retail, and a third building with three levels of retail and 72 residential apartments.

The Master Plan proposed that the entrance for the offices be located at level 2 at a height of 10 meters and for the housing at level 3 at a height of 13 meters. This potential disadvantage was turned into one of the focal points of the design emphasizing the vertical circulation by opening all three block. The spectacular sequence of stairs to escalator and lifts provides a clear layout and a direct link between entrance level and park for the office buildings.

The hollow core plan form of the office buildings is cut away progressively from roof level down flooding the atriums with natural light. The atriums are fully naturally ventilated. Fresh air is supplied through the plenum located between retail and the offices.

The housing is arranged around a terraced courtyard, with the apartments above enjoying views out over the park.

The units are designed to optimize passive solar energy, natural ventilation, and daylight, creating innovative buildings with a high-quality user comfort. The housing mass has been situated in order to benefit from solar orientation and to optimize views onto the park.

The ratio of glazing areas to solid wall construction is determined by the orientation and analysis of heat losses and solar gains and by orientating the housing block to the South-East this maximizes sunlight penetration into the courtyard and living spaces beyond.

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thedani, April 7th, 2017
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