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Office C-51

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
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After its completion this office building will arise as a luxuriously glimmering, towering figure, defined by three diversely designed parts: Spine, Console and Cuboid.

Located on a so called 60" x 90" lot, hardly 500sqm in size, at the edge of an urban development area in Abu Dhabi, this building represents a very elaborate design. It is a highly functional yet extraordinary office building, which can accommodate all the required floor area and parking spaces and still feature a luxury, high-class appearance while retaining cost-effective construction. Insulating windows with expanded metal between their panes, which are realised in enamelled and non-enamelled modules, form the facade of the primary building component and shape its outward appearance. Furthermore, an ingenious supporting framework intentionally gives the building an ironic zest. In cooperation with Arch. Dennis Lems.

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  1. Söhne&Partner Architects
sohnepartner, July 3rd, 2013
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