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Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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DSO-Plex / S&P architects

As a symbol of modern and future oriented technologies a spaceship severs as the basic design idea for this competition entry. It embodies visions of the future, connected with the development and application of the latest technologies.The introverted, winding passage is accessible via three main gates. The elliptical access platforms are the only connection of the building complex to the surrounding outer world. The inner space functions as a closed, self-sufficient microcosm in which visitors are able to indulge in the lifestyle and shopping purpose without further distractions. In a club like atmosphere the customer can explore the different aspects and possibilities of future life.

The hull is a functional layer, for producing electricity through solar panels, protecting the interior and enabling communication through a light facade. These three aspects are fused by an iridescence scaly skin that is changing the appearance the whole day long. This effect is created by glass panels with an integrated multicoloured foil.

In cooperation with DL architect.

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sohnepartner, April 15th, 2014
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