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Dubai Frame

Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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Dubai frame starting phase

Dubai Frame - An Architectural Achievement

The year 2018 started on a great note for Dubai. It was not just a New Year; it was the day the much awaited Dubai Frame was ready to welcome the world. The Dubai Frame building is a gigantic photo frame, conceptualized to be a bridge between old Dubai and new Dubai, and is located in Zabeel Park. There's nothing like this structure anywhere in the world. This is an architectural feat that is expected to draw in millions of tourists each year, and it already has become one of the most popular attractions in Dubai with the Dubai Frame ticket booking being sold out every day. So, what is special about this place?

Design for Dubai Frame

There was a competition held in 2009 for the design of Dubai Frame by ThyssenKrupp Elevator International. The current design was shortlisted from 926 entries, and the eventual winner was Fernando Donis. He envisioned a structure from which one could view the many 'emblems' of Dubai, instead of adding another building to the already packed skyline. This creative thinking won him $100,000, and gave the world the Dubai Frame building.

Materials used in Dubai frame

The core materials used to create this behemoth are reinforced concrete, aluminium, steel and glass. As mentioned before, the 25 metre middle section of the 93 metre bridge is completely made of glass, which is quite thick and can take tremendous amounts of weight. Lot of hard work and precision has gone into the position of the Dubai Frame. It had to be positioned in such a way that old and new Dubai attractions and landmarks would be either side of the frame.

The Concept of Dubai frame

As mentioned before, the Dubai Frame is like a bridge between the past and the present. It is has also been bestowed with the 'largest frame in the world' title. It has two gigantic towers that are connected through a bridge, and hence, looks like a Dubai photo frame. The two towers stand at a staggering 150 metres height. They are connected by a bridge that is a 93 metres long. From this bridge, you get 360 degree views of Dubai. There's a 25 metre glass panel that is specially made for the views. You also get the feeling that you are walking on air.

Attractions Within Dubai Frame

Here are some interesting Dubai Frame facts. When they say it's a bridge between the past and the future, they actually mean it. Staring right at the mezzanine level, you get to feel like you have time travelled back into the past to old Dubai. Through the magic of technology, an immersive experience has been created. You will experience the sights, sounds and smells of old Dubai. For a second, you may forget where you are. The Past Gallery has images that tell you the story of Dubai. Here, you will see how the city has grown from its humble beginnings.

After this, it is time to come back to the present. This is when you head to the Sky Lounge to take in the views of present-day Dubai. Here, there are Augmented Reality Screens that identify the landmarks you are looking at, and present you with facts and other interesting trivia about the structures. To the North, you see old Dubai and its attractions and to the South, you have new Dubai. There's also the complete glass floored viewing deck, which lets you see all 360 degrees. If you suffer from vertigo, it is better to avoid this place.

Now the best part Dubai Frame. The reason why there was so much hype for the Dubai Frame opening. On the mezzanine floor, you get down and go through a section that has visual effects, and sounds of swirl that you give the feeling that you are going through time. You will then see future Dubai, and what is expected to be in it in 50 years. Now this is a sight you are not going to forget anytime soon. The now resurgent, Virtual technology has been used to create this marvellous place, and you will see nothing like it anywhere else in the world.

Every aspect of the Dubai Frame building is like a record in itself. A lot of thought and creativity has gone in creating this majestic structure. It will be the topic of study for many architecture students as well. Just a few months in, it has already become quite popular as Dubai Frame ticket booking is forever full. Don't be surprised if countries around the world, start emulating the Dubai Frame. For now, it is the only such structure, and an amazing place to visit.

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