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David Fisher

London, United Kingdom
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David Fisher is an Israeli-born Italian architect in Florence. He graduated from the University of Florence and also was a lecturer of architecture and structural engineering at the same university. Fisher designs buildings, restores ancient monuments and works with prefabrication and construction technologies.

Fisher is the founder and chairman of Dynamic Architecture Group and the designer of the proposed rotating Dynamic Tower, billed as the world's first building in motion. It will have revolving floors, some of which will move on command, that will provide residents with an ever-changing shape along with a different view of the Persian Gulf. The 80-story skyscraper was supposed to be built in Dubai. Due to the financial crisis, the project has been suspended.


Fisher distributed a biography which said he received an honorary doctorate from "The Prodeo Institute at Columbia University in New York". No such institution exists, however, and Columbia said it had never awarded Fisher an honorary degree. Fisher acknowledges that he is not well known, has never built a skyscraper before and hasn't practiced architecture regularly in decades.

London, United Kingdom