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Novoryazanskaya Street Garage

Moscow, Russia
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Western end of the garage, 2007

Novoryazanskaya Street Garage, also spelled Novo-Ryazanskaya Street Garage, and known as "Horseshoe garage", was designed by Konstantin Melnikov and Vladimir Shukhov (structural engineering) in 1926 and completed in 1929 at 27, Novoryazanskaya Street in Krasnoselsky District, Moscow, Russia, near Kazansky Rail Terminal.

The main building of this truck garage has a semi-circular form, with service workshops and an office in a standalone building in-between the tips of a "horseshoe". Each of the two levels have a capacity to store 110 trucks; unlike Bakhmetevsky Bus Garage, these had to be parked conventionally, using reverse gear. Each tip of the horseshoe has a V-shaped protrusion with entry and exit gates set at an angle to the street line; this was supposed to simplify entry and exit from a narrow street.

This garage is still used as such, and houses Moscow's Fourth Bus Park. However, since modern articulated buses are longer than 1920s trucks, present-day parking arrangements are now different from Melnikov's efficient layout.

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sarak, April 4th, 2013
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