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The Zuev Workers Club

Moscow, Russia
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Zuev Workers' Club (c) Denis Esakov, 2016

The Zuyev (also: Zuev) Workers' Club in Moscow is a prominent work of constructivist architecture. Designed by Ilya Golosov in 1926 and completed in 1928, it housed various facilities to educate and entertain Moscow workers in line with the revolution.

The composition of this building is based on the intersection of a cylindrical glazed staircase penetrating a stack of rectangular floor planes behind which are a sequence of club rooms and open foyers leading to a rectangular 850-seat auditorium for theatre performances and assemblies.

Part of the extensive glazing has been bricked up and the balconies have been removed in the 1970s, thus lessening the original perforated cubic mass into a more solid box. The building still houses a cultural centre with a children's theatre and a comic theatre.

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archibald, December 20th, 2018
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