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Alexander Z. Greenberg

The Moscow architect Alexander Z. Greenberg, born in 1881, was one of the most important Constructivist of his time.

Alexander Z. Greenberg graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in St. Petersburg and participated and won numerous All-Russian architectural competitions.In Nizhny Novgorod, he constructed the House of Soviets (1929 - 1931), the Hotel "Central" on the Upper Volga embankment (1931-1935), the Hotel "Intourist" at Theater Square (1933-1934), the houses № 3 and № 3-a on Minin street (1933), the Cinema "Mir" (1934 - 1936) and completed the reconstruction of the People's Opera House (1933 - 1935).

Other important buildings that Alexander Z. Greenberg designed and built during his most important period between 1920 - 1930's were the House of Soviets in the Dzerzhinsk Gorky region (1929 - 1932), the Regional Drama Theater in Bryansk (1925 - 1926), The House of Communication (1930 - 1931) and the Dom Sovetov (1925-1926) in Bryansk.Alexander Z. Greenberg died in 1938.

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