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Norwegian Embassy

Berlin, Germany
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The Norwegian Embassy building in Berlin was designed by Snohetta and completed in 2001. It is situated within the complex which houses the Embassies of the Nordic Countries.

The design includes several important social considerations for the employees without compromising the efficiency and flexibility of the plan, all within a limited amount of space. Corridors, lobbies and conference areas are designed in conjunction with daylight and view and the addition of a garden atrium to the north of the building creates a controlled yet contemplative environment.

One aspect of Norway which is unique among the Nordic countries is the quality of verticality that can be found in the fjords, mountains and tall forests throughout the landscape. This idea is translated into the embassy's south facade, which is composed of single, monumental slice of grey Norwegian granite. This monolithic stone weighs approximately 120 tons and is over 14 meters tall, 5 meters wide and up to 70 centimetres thick. The eastern and western facades are covered with glass screens filtering light giving the building a feeling of Norwegian "coolness." This feeling contrasts with the warm feeling achieved in the interior spaces using warm colours, and materials, such as wood. The glass screens also match with the copper band wall integrating the building with the whole complex.

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krazin, September 13th, 2013
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