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Nanterre Architecture School

Nanterre, France
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Exterior view

It consists of a combination of square modules, based on cell biology. Flexible, it has been designed to easily transform: the walls are light, flexible and can be changed at the discretion of space users. The facade panels, solid or glass, can also be interchanged at will.

In this school designed just after May 68, Jacques Kalisz (professor himself) wanted to implement his ideas on how to teach. His goal was to design a building that arouse curiosity among students and among residents and facilitate meetings, inside as well as outside the walls. This building was unconventional and experimental reflects the principles of the architect on trade, communication and "working together".

The building was designed as an extension of the Parc Andre Malraux, which borders: the paths of the park should continue within the building, allowing walkers to see the students at work.

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gemazzz, December 16th, 2014
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