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Ogonyok Printing Plant

Moscow, Russia
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Damaged Printing Plant

The Printing plant of "Ogonyok" magazine designed by Lazar Markovich Lissitzky is likely to be the only extant building based on the blueprints of this master. Located at 1st Samotechny Lane, it is Lissitzky's sole tangible work of architecture. It was commissioned in 1932 by Ogonyok magazine to be used as a print shop.

In June 2007 the independent Russky Avangard foundation filed a request to list the building on the heritage register. In September 2007 the city commission (Moskomnasledie) approved the request and passed it to the city government for a final approval, which did not happen. In October 2008, the abandoned building was badly damaged by fire. The site in close proximity next door, has started development for a new block of flats for the Film- Makers' Union, which is disrupting the site and causing further deterioration.

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aleeshacallahan, October 14th, 2014
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