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FOKUS: ARCHITEKTUR in Polnisches Institut Berlin

Berlin, Germany
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Kick-off of the series of talks about modern polish architecture with Piotr Lewicki and Kazimierz Latak (founders of the "Biuro Projektow Lewicki Latak" office in Krakow.

Architecture can not only organize the spaces in which we live and enter into dialogue with the community, but also determine the way of living or become the controlling instrument of the reality surrounding us. We want to dedicate the "Focus: Architecture" series to this extraordinary creative space, which exists so close to all of us and thus try to explain the changes in the architectural landscape, which occurred in Poland in recent decades.

Conversations with architects can make it easier to find answers to specific questions addressing the constitutes of modern polish architecture. They can help with understanding how both the architecture and urban planning impact the living conditions of the inhabitants of modern polish cities and villages and what can be improved in terms of public spaces.

The office "Biuro Projektow Lewicki Latak" was founded in 1995 by the architects Kazimierz Latak (born in 1962) and Piotr Lewicki (born in 1966). The duo is widely recognized for their numerous successful projects, city-architectural concepts, earned awards and accolades (including the design of the Square of the Heroes of Ghetto (Plac Bohaterow Getta), the Prince Czartoryski Square in Krakow and the Feliks Nowowiejski Music Academy in Bydgoszcz). The redevelopment of the Square of the Heroes of Ghetto in Krakow has been awarded the prestigious European Prize for Urban Public Space (Barcelona, 2006) and the Urban Quality Award (Frankfurt am Main, 2011), while the residential complex "Corte Verona" in Wroclaw has been awarded the Grand Prix of the "Piekny Wroclaw" competition for the best realization in 2010 and the Award of the Year 2010 of the Polish Association of Architects SARP. The "Flyspot" aviation and space tunnel in Mory near Warsaw won the 2015 Grand Prize at the Polish Cement in Architecture Award in Warsaw. Piotr Lewicki and Kazimierz Latak have both worked at the Faculty of Architecture of the Krakow University of Technology (1992-1999). Between 2003 and 2009 they have operated a studio at the Faculty of Architecture and Art of the Krakow-Frycz-Modrzewski Academy. They are currently working on numerous apartment compounds projects in Krakow, an observatory in Niepolomice and a hotel in Katowice. They are also involved in the reconstruction of the palace and the Prince Czatoryski Museum in Krakow. In 2004 they have been honored the SARP Prize 2004 for their architectural works and achievements. In 2018 they have received both an award of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage and the Honorary Award SARP 2018. Piotr Lewicki and Kazimierz Latak have been working together since 1988.