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Mladinska Knjiga Printing House

Ljubljana, Slovenia
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The building is first in a series of five printing houses by Savin Sever. It is the greatest of the five. The building body is vertically divided into three parts, each of which designed to suit its specific purpose; the base, central part constructed in bricks and ribbon of massive cordons. The northern part of the building has large windows and houses offices. The main entrance is located in lamella with the services and communication. The southern part composed of the production unit and an underground warehouse. Modest and simple architectural design prevails on the facade. Horizontal division is mainly characterized by visible concrete construction. The construction of the building are reinforced concrete frames filled with brick and glass. Longitudinal roof lights are running across the entire width of the building and allow the penetration of light into workspace. The frames in the shape of inverted L create an impression of plasticity and the rhythm of the facade.

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bostjan, April 26th, 2020
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