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Milorad Pantović

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Milorad Pantovic was born in Belgrade in 1910, where he died in 1986. He studied architecture at the Department of Architecture of the Technical Faculty in Belgrade and continued his education at the Technical University in Berlin. in 1936 he went to Paris where he attended a private school and design workshop of Le Corbusier. In 1938 he attend a private school of the Le Corbusier's former associate Amadeo Ozenfana in London. Then he went to New York for further training and in 1939 returned to Belgrade. He became a Professor of Architecture at University of Belgrade in 1970. "Belgrade Fair" from which achieved great success was the topic of his habitation work. In the period from 1957-1982 was awarded the prestigious prize for architecture in the former Yugoslavia and Serbia, and his academic career crowned by membership in the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts (SANU).


The period of his work was celebrated by the impact of Le Corbusier's doctrine of modern architecture. The basic postulate of the theory were used in his winning project of urban planing for Novi Sad (1937) and also in the study of Belgrade. He participated in the competition for the construction of the old Belgrade fairgrounds and several other engineering and urban public competition for Smederevo area, Vranje, Vrnjacka and Niska Banja. In 1940 he won a competition in partnership with Bozidar Obradovic for the project of the State Opera in Belgrade. In 1953 he participated in the urban competition for Partizan Square in Uzice and won the first prize by sharing it with Stanko Mandic.The Belgrade Fair project which he dveloped in cooperation with Vladeta Maksimovic is consisted by three large exhibition halls of reinforced concrete structures. He designed and executed Serovakcionalni institute on Torlak (1947), the interior of the Workers University (1958), underground pedestrian passage to Lenin Boulevard in New Belgrade (1964-65), Hall IV (1975 -76) at the Belgrade Fair and interior of the hotel Yugoslavia in New Belgrade (1967-68).

Outside Belgrade he constructed anti-TB dispenser in Mladenovac (1947); residential tower, apartment block, bank, restaurant and cinema in Uzice. He won the first prize for a competition for theater and opera in Novi Sad (1948).

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bostjan, October 29th, 2023
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