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Belgrade Fair

Belgrade, Serbia
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Belgrade Fair complex is one of the most significant achievements of the Serbian post-war architecture. The total anticipated exhibition space was approximately 45,000 m2 of indoor and 37,000 m2 of outdoor space. Construction of the complex is designed in two stages. Belgrade Fair was officially opened on August 23rd in 1957. Implementation of the new fair complex was the first large-scale urban and architectural project of post-war Yugoslavia with the aim to represent the new state of the monumental architecture of state. The fair is designed as a contemporary designed urban complex whose compositional emphasis on three exhibition pavilions. As a direct template for the construction of the Belgrade Fair Hall Pantovic served Pier Luigi Nervi main exhibition hall of the Motor Show in Turin (1949). Innovations which the author brought to the project of the Belgrade Fair refer to the length of the diameter of Hale 1 and the shape and structure of Hale 2. Derived from engineering logic Pantovic architecture significantly contributed to avangardization of Belgrade architecture postwar period .

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bostjan, April 6th, 2017
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