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Kaunas Funeral Home

Kaunas, Lithuania
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Criticism of modernism and the attempt to find a solution for a problem of monotony in typical architecture produced a stimulus for architects to seek a more expressive compositional way in the 1960s. Similar situation was also faced by Alfredas Paulauskas, who designed an object of irregular shape, which could be described as an example of late modernism. In such perspective, the layout of the building stands out for its irrational, yet visually effective wall sculpting. The exterior is dominated by natural and light colours. The walls - brick masonry covered with terasit ready plaster. Dolomite plates were used in the interior. The small architecture was designed in line with the object: original-shaped rubbish bins, benches, retaining walls, interior sculptural elements, advertising signboards, interior furniture and lighting. The functional purpose of the object best reflects in the sculpture of "the mourning people", as well as white interior gypsum reliefs and glass lampshades imitating torches.

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