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Flaminio Stadium

Rome, Italy
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The Flaminio Stadium is a sports centre built in the homonym discrict of Rome, near to Piazza del Popolo, based on the architectural and engineering project by Pier Luigi Nervi and his son Antonio (his father is considered one of the Italian master of concrete architecture in the second half of XX century).

Built in the late 50s years for the Olympic Games (XVII edition, 1960), it has been a great centre of sport for several years, from soccer (World Cup Italia '90) to rugby (Six Nations), passing for athletics and hosting music events too (David Bowie, U2).

The structure is completely made of reinforced concrete, and provides coverage only in the central area of the main stand: this coverage was realized through a partially prefabricated shelter. The canopy of the support elements are inclined pillars that rest to the external structure of the stadium. Under the stands, the stadium has an indoor training pool, and five halls for boxing gyms, gymnastics and weightlifting, as well as changing rooms, conference and awards ceremony hall.Since 2011, it is completely abandoned and in a strong state of decay, without any kind of maintenance service.

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lorenzozandri, January 31st, 2019
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