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Hotel Am Bahnhof

Innsbruck, Austria
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The building takes the city spatially relevant proportions (road profile Triumphal Gate - train station) that lifts them into the "beautiful floor" and is the counterpart to the stilted sunken hull of the new light station. The building is on the ambivalence between stationary and dynamic and allows the flow of forces of the new South Tyrolean place run free.


The centrally located support to the hollow box structure and the cross beams in the attic are the primary structure. The loads of the slabs are removed by means of hanger rods from the top floor.


Critical to the design was the equal treatment of all views, including soffit and roof top view. The facade elements made of metal sheets - static due to weight restrictions, whose smooth and thus pollution poor, black and matte surfaces can occur, the physicality of the building in the background. The free play of mass and volume light interference produced the intended effect. Are frameless, storey-height glazing are between the vertical elements flush with built-openable windows.

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  1. Architect's Website
gemazzz, August 21st, 2013
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