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Manzl Ritsch Sandner

Innsbruck, Austria
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Maria Aubock und Gerhard Manzl (Manzl Ritsch Sandner Architekten)

Gerhard Manzl (b.1956), Johann Ritsch (b.1957) and Manfred Sandner (b.1957) studied architecture in Innsbruck and Vienna. In 1992 they established their own office in Innsbruck.

Realizations inter alia: Greenhouse Theatre in the Tower Innsbruck (Manzl with Koeberl and Rainer), residential buildings (renovation of a backyard) in the old town of Innsbruck (Manzl, Sandner), revitalization Schlossergasse in Hall in Tirol (Manzl, Sandner) and the inn Schwarzer Adler (Ritsch, State Price 1996 Tourism and Architecture).

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Innsbruck, Austria
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gemazzz, June 11th, 2017
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