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Suppose Design Office

Tokyo, Japan
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Makoto Tanijiri

Founded by Makoto Tanijiri, he thinks that it is important to keep looking for something new as an architect.

He defined his work as a chance to realize fresh ideas about buildings and relationships of all interactive elements. It is a pleasure for Tanijiri to detect new potential of architecture.

The possibility could be recognized only in a situation facing to himself with mind of equivalency to all buildings in different scale and cost, such as a dog houses and skyscrapers.

The architect sometimes feels that society is dismissive of accepting modern ideas, and that is why, he wants to explore something new but also familiar to human life.

For example, people would appreciate an apple just falling off a tree more than the one in pink or purple, which is never seen before.Tanijiri believes that he could find the answer in daily life with having fresh eyes judging from different perspectives.

The architect never doubt that a reason people always want "new" is because they have a strong desire of making better environment without being satisfied the present condition.

With the aspiration to enhance the human environment, Makoto Tanijiri is contributing "new architecture" in seeking its answers to ordinary life.

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Tokyo, Japan
  1. Suppose
vanessafralves, June 19th, 2013
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