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Les Orgues De Flandre

Paris, France
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Designed by the German architect Martin Van Trek, a Jean Ginsberg student, this social housing complex is composed by several 15/16 floors buildings and 4 dominating tours (Prelude, Fuge, Sonate, Cantate).Rising up to 118 meters tall - over the neighborhood and housing almost 2,000 apartments, "Orgues de Flandre" exalted verticality through volumes and dynamism through terraces and balconies.Built from 1974 to 1980 on a 6 ha site, it is located in an high-dense district of France, not so far other Parisian urban social plans, as the Cite MIchelet.The project also includes a shopping-center, farmer's market, schools, artist studios, sports facilities and a Senior Citizen's Home.

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lorenzozandri, February 4th, 2018
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