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Jean Renaudie

, France
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Jean Renaudie (June 8th, 1925 - October 13th, 1981) was French architect and urban planner.

He attended the National School of Fine Arts in 1945. He was a trainee at he studio of Auguste Perret and Marcel Lods. In 1958 he established Atelier de Montrouge in collaboration with Pierre Riboulet, Gerard and Jean- Louis Thurnauer Veret.

In 1968 Renaudie quit the office. They disagreed on the development of the new town of Val-de-Reuil project. He created his own practice in Ivry-sur-Seine. Its first important mission was the renovation project of the Ivry-sur-Seine center, designed in collaboration with Renee Gailhoustet and Nina Schuch. In 1978 he got the National Prize of Architecture of the Ministry of Culture. He was well-known for his works on social housing and urban development.

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, France
mariathuroczy, August 22nd, 2022
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