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Esteves Residence

Divinopolis, Brazil
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The Esteves Residence is a private family home that is located within a gated community situated in an area surrounded by areas of environmental preservation. The plot of land is located in one of the highest points in the region and offers views to a valley in the northeast and southeast of Divinopolis. The surroundings, topography and geometry of the terrain were instrumental in developing the project.


The design of the house integrates outdoor areas and brings them inside with ramps and transparent interior social spaces. Counter to the openness, the intimate zones are closed with the double height coming down to create a more reserved feeling. The top floor has a master bedroom with a balcony along the entire length of the room, offering a wide view of the landscape to the northeast and the orchard, through to a hanging garden in the northwest. The ground floor has children's rooms, guest rooms and an office. As well as, social spaces take up a large volume, with a wooden box like structure that has a home theatre.Services are located in an open space limited to the southeast garage and the courtyard to the northwest which is practically invisible to the outside observer.

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aleeshacallahan, September 17th, 2013
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