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Derwent Tower

Gateshead, United Kingdom
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Derwent Tower was an 85-meter tall residential brutalist high-rise in cityscape dominated by detached houses. The architect had collaborated with the city's Whickham Council to design three 22 stories high towers. Later the project was changed, so two low- rise blocks and a 29-story tower were built instead. The tower was nicknamed Dunston rocked because of its rocket-like shape during the construction of it. It was built on a caisson foundation due to adverse ground conditions, and it at the same time served as a spiral garage. To strengthen the foundation, external flying buttresses were added. Additionally, the load-bearing construction had to be static because 10.000 gallons of water were stored in open water tanks between the 10th and 11th floor. After years of neglect and infrastructure failures, the city's council decided to relocate residents and demolish Derwent Tower. Demolition was completed in September 2012.

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lovro, October 13th, 2018
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