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Crematorium and Urn Grove in Bratislava

Bratislava, Slovakia
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The crematorium stands at the foot of the Lesser Carpathians in a sparse forest that forms a vertical contrast to the building's horizontal lines. It was designed by Slovak architect Ferdinand Milucky in 1962.

From the entrance, a long arching pathway rises upwards to the crematorium. The entire complex is composed with great sensitivity towards the landscape and the position of architecture in it. As for the building itself, it is an assemblage of lengthwise walls defining the basic interior spaces; the transverse walls are entirely of glass. From the main funeral hall, there is a captivating view of the forest with its mature trees; the technical cremation facilities are concentrated below ground. Adding to the complex are the totem-sculpture by Kompanek on the main meadow, the travertine sculpture by Uher, Toth's figure of 'Sorrow' in the urn grove, and Milucky's burial ground for important personalities. Conceived in the spirit of Scandinavian modernism, the crematorium is regarded as one of the best works of postwar architecture in Slovakia; since 2003 it has been a registered national landmark.

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mariathuroczy, May 29th, 2014
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