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Ferdinand Milucky

, Slovakia
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Ferdinand Milucky (26 September 1929) is a Slovak architect and designer. He is the author of the crematorium in Bratislava, co-author of the settlement Lawns in Bratislava, House of Arts in Piestany, the building of the former Czech-Slovak embassy in Rome among others.


Ferdinand Milucky was born in Rajec. His father was a tinner. He was strongly influenced by the history and the folk architecture of his hometown and the surrounding villages.

After graduating from high school he enrolled at the Slovak Technical University where he got in contact with modernism. His professor was John E. Koula. As his assistant Milucky he was involved in research of folk architecture. Apparently this is where he was able to penetrate into the deepest essence of folk architecture, which he later used extensively in his writings.

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, Slovakia
mariathuroczy, May 29th, 2014
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