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VDL Research House II

Los Angeles, California, United States of America
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A fire caused by an electrical fault destroyed the first complex VDL Research House I, in 1963, losing in the fire drawings and files that had gathered for decades, was a blow to the family Neutra. Neutra and his son and partner Dion rebuilt the studio-residence and gave it its current fundamentals. The phoenix VDL II is more complex than its predecessor, more varied in sections. Although more transparent, it is also more introverted, that is, being more oriented inner garden to stroll through the streets. Raises more tricks illusion of space and the addition of balconies makes it more in a hut in a town house.

Landscape Enters the House

The interior and exterior, the inside-outside gives the impression of a view from where it connects with the landscape and water. The new design has replaced the solid walls of the staircase inside by glass walls flanking an Ladder open. A window of 3 meters wide, located near the corner of the breakfast of the upper deck, slips completely up outside the building, which leads the trees and sky towards the interior, this was Dion's response to the request for his mother to build a screened porch, and out of fashion.

The cuisine stands outside of the wall in the rear, at 91 centimeters, so that the hanging of birch cabinets do not reduce the light of day on the hob and also the housewife "is cloaked in vegetation." Some panels folding housed above the hob favored a greater connection between the kitchen and lounge. The presence of water is a precious component in the biorrealismo. As the lake was now distant, the water is integrated into each of the three floors. The second floor was added to a pool patio outside, now devoid of its languidos leather sofas. A staircase leads to new steel and glass penthouse. The metal box aspect of sailing, which hides the mechanical equipment, gives this facade is very different from the house, seen from the street. A row of 5cm of water surrounding the attic and creates a microclimate that allows you to enjoy the view of the mountains and the lake from the lower deck of Sequoia.

World Monument Watch

After the death of Richard Neutra in 1970, his wife continued to live in the house. In 1979 decided that the house would be for the University after his death so that it can be preserved for public use and study. The importance of the house was recognized in 1999 when he was named "World Monument 2000" by the World Monument Watch Society.

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archibald, January 21st, 2018
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